Founder &
Managing Director
Muneyoshi Toshihiko
Founded 1996
Line of Business Real Estate Investment
Property Development
Project Finance
Private Equity
Group Companies (Area) Creed Asia Investment Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Creed Investments Pte. Ltd. (Singapore)
Creed Asia Development (M) Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia)
Creed Asia (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (Cambodia)
Representative office of creed Holdings Pte.Ltd. in HCMC (Vietnam)
Creed Development BD Company Ltd. (Bangladesh)
Creed Asia BD Company Ltd.(Bangladesh) (Joint Venture with:Jams Developmemts Ltd.)
  • Creed Group was founded in Japan.
  • Started due diligence services for buy-side investors to acquire non performing loans.
  • Started advisory services for sell-side financial institutions.
  • Started principal investment in non performing loan in bulk.
  • Started asset management services.
  • Successfully went IPO at JASDAQ.
  • Up-listed to 2nd Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Up-listed to 1st Section of Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Acquired a large scale resort hotel in Guam as its first investment outside Japan.
  • Formed Japan Single Residence Investment Corporation (JSR), a Japan REIT specializing in residential buildings.
  • JSR was listed at Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Formed Creed Office Investment Corporation (COI), a Japan REIT specializing in office buildings.
  • Started investment in Germany.
  • COI was listed at Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Launched Creed Real Estate Partners, $3 billion private fund specializing in properties in Japan.
  • Launched an original brand of budget hotel named CANDEO HOTELS®.
  • Size of assets under management (AUM) reached $4 billion.
  • Started investment in Korea.
  • Commenced corporate reorganization procedures in which it was de-listed from Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • Completed the corporate reorganization procedures.
  • Acquired three golf courses in Japan.
  • Founded Creed Asia Development (M) Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia which acquired 8 acre land in Johor Bahru for condominium development.
  • Founded Creed Asia (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. In Cambodia.
  • Founded Creed Holdings Pte. Ltd. In Singapore.
  • Founded Creed Development BD Company Ltd. in Bangladesh.
  • Acquired a majority shares in a microfinance company in Cambodia.
  • Started investments in Vietnam.
  • Founded Creed Asia BD Company Ltd.(Bangladesh) (Joint Venture with:Jams Developmemts Ltd.)
  • Opend new office in Singapore.
  • A registered real estate broker (Governor of Tokyo, Registration No.(1) 96566) – Creed Asia Investment Co., Ltd.


Our Mission

Offering Japan Quality to Emerging Markets

Founded in Japan in 1996, Creed Group (CREED) is a real estate firm which specializes in principal investment and property development.

When it was established, the Japanese real estate market was undergoing a chaotic situation in which asset prices were falling down, financial institutions were forced to write off bad loans, and global opportunistic investors were tapping the Japanese market. Under such circumstances, CREED started as a provider of professional services such as due diligence and appraisal to institutional investors and, by early 2000s, it became one of the major players in the distressed asset investment industry in Japan.

As the real estate market in Japan was stabilized and became more open to global financial investors after early 2000s, I shifted the business focus from service provision to principal investment and fund management.

CREED successfully launched multiple private funds including US$ 3 billion fund raised from overseas sovereign investors. It also launched two Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange. CREED itself was listed on the 1st section of Tokyo Stock Exchange. Combining all these funds and its own balance sheet, by late 2000s, CREED managed $5 billion worth assets under its management worldwide.

Repositioning CREED as “a Japanese developer providing Japan Quality to emerging nations in Asia”, I took a next step by taking part in a township development project in Malaysia, as well as by undertaking another 2 experimental investments in Cambodia and Myanmar in 2012.

Quality is of utmost importance in Japan. The levels demanded by customers are quite high in terms of both hardware (tangible) and software (intangible). Our mission is to offer “Japan Quality” which we acquired in our home market to other emerging nations in Asia. Combining its all three fundamental values: “Integrity,” “Objectivity in Assessing the Truth,” and “Originality,” CREED commits itself to creating new values for emerging markets in Asia.

Muneyoshi Toshihiko