Cambodia is one of the first Southeast Asian countries we have started investing, rooting back to 2012. We currently have 3 projects, Bodaiju, Arata and Maha. 


In the underdeveloped, small market of Cambodia, we operate as a complete developer, securing land acquisition, licensing, design, construction, sales & marketing, end financing, and the property management after hand-over.

Bodaiju Residences is one of the first projects by Creed Group in Cambodia. The high-end residences is strategically located near downtown Phnom Penh, PPSEZ and the airport, making it very convenient for commuting. Along with its vicinity to major shopping and dining conveniences, the area is set to develop into Phnom Penh’s most desirable residential district.


Located next to Aeon Mall Sen Sok (Aeon Mall 2), Arata is well situated to capture the potentially increasing value of the area as Phnom Penh’s city center expands into the suburban areas. Arata is a luxurious landed housing project, targeting the increasing  demand from local Cambodians.


Strategically located approximately 3 kilometers from Phnom Penh International Airport, Borey Maha Sensok is the biggest Japanese Borey project in Cambodia covering a total of 114,005 sqm.

As local banks do not provide housing loans for those with middle incomes, we provide developer loan to the buyers; in a total of 260 units. For construction, we established a construction team in-house with Japanese managers.


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