In Indonesia, Creed currently has 3 ongoing projects, Kawana Golf Residences, Serpong Garden, and Mustika Village - located in the suburbs of Jakarta city. 
Here, we mainly aim to provide home mid-low income households.

Kawana Golf Residence is the only residential development that enjoys direct access to Jababeka Golf Resort. It is located within Kota Jababeka, an area developed by our project partner Jababeka & Co., that is home to more than 1 million people and about 2000 companies from over 30 countries. Kawana Golf Residence is at an area that is thriving with opportunities and growth.


Serpong Garden Apartment is an apartment complex enabling young professionals and families to enjoy the advantages of living in a modern. It is highly-connected development with access to unrivaled modern amenities and recreational facilities. By utilizing the concept of transit-oriented development, this complex boasts over 50,000 well-designed unit targets, at those working in Jakarta, with a Sky Bridge connecting the development directly to Station Cisauk. 


Mustika Village

Located 35km east of Jakarta CBD, Mustika Village is a landed-housing development by Creed and local developer Mustika Land, which have rich expertise in developing housing for low-income earners. This is a part of FLPP projects, subsidised loans system developed by Indonesian Government for low-income earners to own a landed house. FLPP’s has an interest rate of 5%; loan-to-value of 95%, and a payment period of 20 years.


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