Here at Creed, we have many strategies that define our success in the difficult growing housing markets of South and Southeast Asia.





Credit: PopulationPyramid.net, United Nations

Strategic Alliances:
We form partnerships with promising local developers.

Creed understands the importance of a local partner who understands the market when advancing into a foreign environment. As such, we aim to participate in projects that our partner developers have started, bringing in capital, experience and many other values with us.

Creed’s involvement in these relationships include bringing capital into the project itself, investment into the partner company, and back finance for our partners’ equity in the project. 

There are other values Creed can bring, such as expertise and experience from more developed markets, Japanese branding methods, etc.

Our Partners:

We work with local developers who are skilled in many aspects of development such as negotiations, acquisitions of land, approvals, and permits. We value our relations with our partners who are not only skilled but also have a strong desire for growth.

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