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Toshihiko Muneyoshi

Founder & Managing Director

Mr. Muneyoshi (宗吉敏彦)established Creed Corporation (Creed) in 1996, with the aim of achieving sustained business expansion by creating new value at the intersection of finance and real estate.

When bulk sales of non-performing loans took off in Japan, Creed launched a due diligence business and acquired a strong reputation as a company offering these services to global investment funds and investment banks. Creed also began making principal investments in income properties.

In 1999, Creed launched a real estate solution business and fund business. Subsequently in 2009, with the commencement of corporate reorganization proceedings for Creed, Mr. Muneyoshi was appointed by the Court as Trustee, (a first for an incumbent CEO). Mr. Muneyoshi successfully completed the proceedings in 2011.

Prior to founding Creed, Mr. Muneyoshi was involved in Itochu Corporation’s construction and real estate business, working as a project manager.

Mr. Muneyoshi earned his B.S. in Architectural Engineering from Waseda University (Japan).

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