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Our Strategies

Meeting Real Demands:
We target a young generation in developing Asian markets.


——— Phnom Penh, Ho Chi Minh City, Jakarta,
Dhaka, Vientiane, Bangkok —–——

With their young, expanding populations and quickly-growing economies, developing countries in Asia are optimum locations to carry out real estate businesses.



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Credit:, United Nations

Real Demands in Middle/Low-Income Segments

The high-end segment of the Asian housing markets are extremely small and underdeveloped. Moreover, they are easily affected by domestic political changes and world economic situations.

However, thanks to Asia's young and growing demographic, there are constant demand for entry-level housing for middle/low income class.

This creates a situation where providing housing for mid-low income segments are less risky and more profitable in the long run, allowing for multiple large projects.

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Hands On:
We actively involve ourselves in the development process.

Creed Group has abundant experience and understanding of the developing process.

In Creed Cambodia, we operate as a complete developer; carrying out master planning, land acquisition, licensing, design, construction, sales & marketing, end financing, and property management after hand-over.

With our experience and understanding of the developer business, we can carry out suitable project management in new markets where we advance into.



Increasing Our Values:
We bring 'Japanese branding' to differentiate our products.

The trust that people have in Japanese brands in developing Asian societies are very high– Japanese products are seen as safe and long-lasting, with assured high quality at purchase.

We are dedicated to providing goods and services that live up to this trust. We defy the cultures in many less-developed Asian housing markets where time schedules are rarely met and promises not fulfilled all the time.

Creed aims to bring aspects like Japanese-style planning methods, design, time-management, sales & marketing strategies, and management to increase the value of our business and differentiate from our competitors.


Strategic Alliances:
We form partnerships with promising local developers.

Creed understands the importance of a local partner who understands the market when advancing into a foreign environment. As such, we aim to participate in projects that our partner developers have started, bringing in capital, experience and many other values with us.

Creed’s involvement in these relationships include bringing capital into the project itself, investment into the partner company, and back finance for our partners’ equity in the project. 

There are other values Creed can bring, such as expertise and experience from more developed markets, Japanese branding methods, etc.

Our Partners:

We work with local developers who are skilled in many aspects of development such as negotiations, acquisitions of land, approvals, and permits. We value our relations with our partners who are not only skilled but also have a strong desire for growth.

Starting Small,
Seeing the Big Picture:

Our risk management strategies

The Asian markets where we operate in have endless potential for future growth— however, there are countless risks to make up for it. To achieve success, Creed has been handling and coexisting with such risks since our entry into the Asian real estate industry.

Whenever we advance into a new market, we start our projects small. This is our core strategy to understand that market's nature. We experience the first-hand risks to construct measurements against them at an early stage.

​Lessons learned at the beginning state are not only there for the sake of learning, but they also open up new windows of opportunities for our business in the future. Through partnering with local partners in the markets, we are always looking to improve and develop larger-scale projects in the future.

The young population and growing economies of the Asian nations create endless opportunities for a bigger picture.


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